Custom TCB Bike USA

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Ride Pro. Ride a TCB Bike USA XF-19 Pit Bike.

DE Twincam Performance Inc is excited to announce that we are now your exclusive importer and supplier of custom-made Pit Bike TCB Bike USA XF-19! For the serious rider, these high-end, French-made bikes are durable mini-mod Pit Bikes custom designed with professional motors to give you the top performance you need on the track. Their frames are specially designed by France's  professional racer, Clément Bageot, so you're getting the best of the best by someone who truly knows what you need!

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Key Features XF-19

Specialty Frame: Offers true stability, cornering, suspension that is 15 pounds lighter then last year model with on lose in straight.

Brake system: Front Caliper is a 4 piston design and rear is 2 piston design with increadable stopping power.

Custom Motor: Designed by DE Twincam Performance , the motor is fully customized with a fuel-injection system and Daytona 190cc and Higher Motor, unlike any other Pit Bikes on the market. Various horsepower options are available like 21,24 and Highter to take your ride to the next level!

Rear Pro-Link Suspension: Helps with bumps, jumps, and performance with better handling.

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