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We Are Now Your Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Center in Buffalo, NY!

Dyno performance tuning is the only way to get the potential out of your motorcycle.

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A Dynamometer is essential to realizing the full potential of today’s fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles with performance modifications. This is the only tool that can accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps or diagnose run/driveability issues in a controlled environment. We have technicians that are trained to tune carburetors and Power Commander. We service all motorcycle makes. We are a DynoJet® Tuning Center.

Now equipped with a Real Time Torque Module/Meter, Real Time O2, and Eddy Current Load Control, our Dynamometer is a state-of-the-art, computer controlled Dynojet® 250. By simulating the best "seat-of-the-pants" road testing right in the shop, many driveability/running problems can be diagnosed in a fraction of the time.

Why is Dyno Tuning such a critical part of a performance upgrade?

Performance upgrades are not inexpensive. You want measured results of your investment. But a Dynomap is much more than knowing your torque and horsepower. It tells our factory-trained technicians how efficient the engine is working. Want to maximize your investment and run more efficiently? Then opt for the Dyno Run & Tune.

Air/Fuel Ratio

Tuning with a Dynojet Dyno has never been easier! With the addition of our new air/fuel ratio monitor, every dyno run can show you not only horsepower and torque, but also the exact air/fuel ratio. This takes the guesswork out of fueling adjustments. The air/fuel ratio graph shows a rich/lean condition at each RPM during the dyno run.

The Wide Band O2 sensor has a range of 10.29:1 to 23.0:1. The specialized 6-wire, heated and referenced sensor is self-calibrating for long, consistent life.


No bad tunes—it takes as long as it takes. Guaranteed!

Break-In: Start your new bike or engine out right! Proper break-in is crucial to engine longevity and peak performance. Make sure your rings and bearings are broken-in correctly! Includes oil and filter change.

Want to know what your actual top speed and RPM is? The Dyno tells all! Have your speedomoeter re-calibrated for accuracy!

The results of DE Twin Cam Performance Dyno Tune include enhanced ridability, improved throttle response, raised horsepower, more torque, better fuel economy, and increased engine longevity.

We share a common bond, appreciation of, and passion for motorcycles. So let DE Twin Cam Performance help you with your Dyno Tuning service needs. We locally serve Niagra Falls and Western New York areas near Buffalo, New York.

Dyno Comparison

Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Service

This photo shows the S&S CNC machined intake port before the valve guide is installed. Notice the raised vane ahead of the valve guide hole. The purpose of this vane is to split the air stream ahead of the valve guide to reduce turbulence and increase flow.

Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Service

The CNC Difference

The dyno chart compares a stock 2009 FLHT (black curves) with the same bike after an S&S 106" kit, 585 cams and S&S slip on mufflers, and an S&S teardrop AC were installed (blue curves). The top (red curves) show the same engine after the heads were CNC ported and a 58mm throttle body was installed. Both 106" engines perform much better than stock, and are pretty comparable to each other until about 3500 rpm. At that point the engine with CNC heads continues to increase in torque and horsepower because it can still get enough air.

Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Service

Digitized port shapes are faithfully reproduced in any stock Harley-Davidson® cylinder head on our 5-Axis CNC machining center. Intake port, exhaust port and combustion chamber are all modified. This head will be assembled with new forged stainless steel valves and high lift valve springs to complete the package.

Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Service

Choose The Right Cam For You.
This dyno chart compares a stock 96" 2009 FLHT with the same bike with an S&S 106" kit, CNC ported heads, S&S slip-on mufflers, and performance intake. The blue curves represent the 106 with S&S 551 touring cams, the stock 50mm throttle body, and S&S teardrop air cleaner. Great torque for touring applications. The red curves show the S&S 585 cams with a 58mm throttle body. This combination produces slightly less low and midrange torque, but significantly increases usable rpm and top end horsepower. A good choice for lighter bikes and racing applications. Both engines were tuned with Harley-Davidson® Race Tuner.

Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Service

CNC Ported Cylinder Heads:

DE Twincam Performance now offers a CNC porting service for stock cylinder heads for 1999-up Harley-Davidson® big twin engines. This is an economical way to get a substantial horsepower increase while maintaining a stock appearance.

S&S has developed high flowing intake port, exhaust port, and combustion chamber shapes for stock cylinder heads. S&S then digitally reproduces them in a stock head casting with our 5 axis CNC machining centers. After CNC porting, heads are assembled with new one-piece, forged racing grade stainless steel alloy, valves, valve guides and high performance, conical single coil high silicon alloy valve springs.


  • Available for 1999-up big twin engines
  • Ideal for 95" - 106" engines

Features and Benefits

  • CNC machined ports for a consistent performance increase from stock heads
  • Great throttle response, high velocity port without losing low RPM torque
  • Assembled with performance valves and springs
  • Slight increase in compression

Service Options

Exchange Service

  • CNC ported heads are available for immediate delivery, core charge of $600 per set must be paid
  • Stock heads sent to DE Twincam Performance
  • Core charge credited if customer's returned heads pass
  • inspection (see notes)
  • No turn-around delay

Rework Service

  • Stock heads sent to S&S
  • Get the same set of heads back with CNC machined ports
  • The best option for heads with a special cosmetic treatment
  • Allow 2 week turn-around

Custom CNC Port Duplication

  • S&S can digitize your port design and machine it in your heads, ask an S&S customer service representative for details

S&S CNC Porting Service for Stock Heads

Motorcycle Performance Dyno Tuning Service


  • Only cylinder heads that are in good condition and have “like new” appearance, may be exchanged. Heads with superficial damage, peeling or discolored paint, or other cosmetic alterations are not acceptable for exchange, but may be reworked. Rework will take slightly longer than exchange service. Customer will be contacted to review options if heads do not pass inspection.
  • CNC porting is not available for previously ported heads, heads that have been structurally damaged, or heads that are determined to be unserviceable during initial inspection. These heads will be returned to the customer without modification. In these cases customer will be notified and options reviewed. New, CNC ported stock heads or S&S heads are available for purchase.
  • Due to variations in stock cylinder head castings, all inside surfaces of the ports may not “clean up” during machining. As a result, the inside of one or more ports may not appear to be completely machined. This does not effect performance and is not considered a defect.
  • CNC porting is not currently available for Harley-Davidson® CVO engines.